Bodybars with Round Ends set 1-10 kg


The Gymnastics Stick Set 1-10 kg (Bodybar) is a versatile piece of sports equipment designed for various workouts. Bodybar are metal bars with a soft coating used in fitness, rehabilitation, and even professional sports. They are suitable for all levels of physical fitness and can be used at home, in gyms, or rehabilitation centers.

Uses for the Bodybar:

  • Strength Training: Strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs, back, and abs.
  • Fitness and Aerobics: Incorporating the Bodybar into aerobic exercises to increase workout intensity.
  • Rehabilitation: Using in rehabilitation programs after injuries to gradually return to full physical activity.
  • Professional Sports: Improving technique and strength for athletes.
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Advantages of the Bodybars:

  1. Variety of Workouts: These bars can be used for a wide range of exercises aimed at strengthening all muscle groups, improving coordination, and balance.
  2. Adjustable Load: The set includes bars of different weights ranging from 1 to 10 kg, allowing you to gradually increase the load and adapt your workouts to your goals and fitness level.
  3. Comfort and Safety: The soft coating of the bars ensures comfortable use and prevents slipping, reducing the risk of injury.
  4. Compactness: The bars are easy to store and transport, allowing you to use them at any convenient time and place.
  5. Effectiveness: Regular training with the Bodybar helps improve posture, increase flexibility, and overall physical endurance.
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Garums1200 mm
Displayed Weight55 kg
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