LCD holder - TV Mount 14-55"



  • black colour
  • rotation regulation (number of degrees): 180°
  • tilt adjustment (in degrees): +15° to -15°
  • adjustable distance from the wall (range): 40-385mm
  • intended use (inches): 14 to 55 "
  • maximum load (kg): 35kg
  • dimensions (length/width/height): 37/22.5/22.5cm
  • weight: 1.2 kg
  • weight with packaging: 1.5 kg


  • handle
  • Fitting elements
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  • ADJUSTING THE DISTANCE FROM THE WALL – the flat design of the TV hanger means that the TV can be placed at the minimum distance from the wall. The long arm allows you to adjust the distance from the wall in the range of 40-385 mm, according to your preferences and space possibilities.
  • VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT – the holder allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the receiver screen in the range from +15° to -15°, thanks to which you can easily adjust it so that it is perfectly visible both when hung high and low.
  • HORIZONTAL ADJUSTMENT – the rotating handle also allows you to correct the horizontal position of the receiver. The TV can be rotated to the right / left by 180 degrees, thanks to which we can easily adjust its position so that it is visible from the place where we are.
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION – the holder will fit most receivers (LED, LCD, Plasma, PC monitor) with sizes 14-55 and a simultaneous weight of up to 35 kg. Properly mounted, it perfectly sticks to the wall and the TV, which guarantees safety and use for years.
  • SPECIFICATION - black colour; rotation regulation (number of degrees): 180°; tilt adjustment (in degrees): +15° to -15°; adjustable distance from the wall (range): 40-385 mm; purpose (inch): 14 to 55”; maximum load (kg): 35 kg; dimensions (length/width/height): 37/22.5/22.5cm; weight: 1.2kg; weight with packaging: 1.5 kg.
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Garums cm37
Platums cm22.5
Augstums cm22.5
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