Biezs gumijas paklājs sporta zālēm 100x100 cm


The high-quality HC PRO rubber mats are suitable for gym, factory, garage, workspace, outdoor use, etc.

A mat specially designed for gym use will last for years.

These rubber mats are used in the most demanding gyms such as PTV GYM, Loaded in Tampere, HC GYM and many other commercial and home gyms.

Note: HC PRO rubber mats are ideal for protecting the floor when practicing with weights. Common 6-8 mm thick floor mats in the store can cushion the impact, but do not protect the floor from damage.

One side of the high-quality HC PRO rubber mat is harder than the other. Depending on the intended use, you can choose the denser and smoother side or the rougher and slightly more flexible side.

The smooth side is generally used in gyms. Rubber mats protect floor surfaces during intense workouts, saving future repair costs. It is recommended to install rubber mats on the floor before installing sports equipment and gym machines.


  • During installation, it must be taken into account that the first row, starting from the edge of the wall, should be completely straight. Therefore, do not install the mats directly against the wall, unless the straightness of the wall has been checked with a laser.
  • Save on expensive installation costs! Mats can be installed directly on the floor without using tools or glue. If the mats end at the edge of the training area, a triangular strip or a wide L-shaped strip should be installed there to secure the outer rubber mats.
  • In addition to saving: If you need to move, you can easily pile your rubber mats, 40-50 pieces, and place them directly on the base. No demolition, no floor replacement, just dusting and transport.

You can choose a 1.5, 2, 3 cm mats

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Advantages of rubber mats compared to other solutions:

  • Guarantees the safety of the floor, and you will not have to reimburse the landlord for repair costs when moving.
  • If you decide to move to larger premises, you can take the rugs with you to the next room or sell them for almost the same price you purchased for, and the overall cost will be low compared to other options.
  • You don't need to hire expensive professionals for installation as you can easily arrange the mats as you wish.
  • Rubber mats turn an ordinary room into a high-level "PRO" hall. They provide discreet comfort to customers while being flexible yet durable.
  • Rubber mats can be used to perform many exercises such as stretching, abdominal exercises, squats, back exercises, etc. as the soft surface of the mats provides comfort and secure grip.
  • Absorbs impacts on the floor.
  • Absorbs sound/noise, which is especially important if your fitness room is located in a building with other entrepreneurs.
  • There is no problem with dust and allergies.
  • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth without using detergents.

One pallet fits about 50 rugs, that is, approximately 50 square meters.

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Garums1000 mm
Platums1000 mm
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